Welcome to another NFL Season!  Time just keeps flying and this should be another exciting year. I have hopes again that the Lions get it together.  We have yet another coach to try and get us at least to the playoffs.  We'll see how it goes.  GO LIONS!!!

The website I use is AT&T Website Solutions and it has changed from last year.  They've made it more difficult to build and so I apologize for anything that has changed.  I've done my best to make navigating as simple as possible but I will be tweaking this as we go along so please be patient with me.  I think I have a grasp of the site now and we'll see how things go.

Please take the time to read any instructions I've written on certain pages as it makes my job much easier if you follow what I have said there.  Especially pay attention to the instructions on the Pick Sheet Page it's very important.  Thanks for heeding what I wrote there.