Week 14 Winner

Travis Bliss

(Travis is new to my football pool.  He never fails to get his picks in on time.  Well Travis, now you've won so now you must endure the slings and arrows of being a winner and put up with the ribbing.  Good Going

Hey, in case it got by you or you just plain decided not to watch the Lions anymore, they won!!!  Of course it was one of the most boring games of the season bar none!!  They must not be in really good shape as we lost 5 players to injuries in this week's game against Arizona.  The good thing is when I watched the game,  I was able to get a good nap in.  Look for the same this coming week against Buffalo this will be a real snoozer also.

Please take the time to read any instructions I've written on certain pages as it makes my job much easier if you follow what I have said there.  Especially pay attention to the instructions on the Pick Sheet Page it's very important.  Thanks for heeding what I wrote there.